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Apples for a Teacher  

Lesson Plans for Life
An inspirational book to keep on your desk
Under $5




Units & Themes

Apple-licious Activity

Apple Introduction

A Is For Apple

Apples 1

Apples 2

Apple Teacher's Guide

Apple Unit 

Apple Theme

Theme Unit

More Apples

Mott's Online

Tree Worksheet

Apple Theme Ideas

Apples Are A Peeling

Apple Activities


Coloring Pages

Andy Apple

Picking Apples

Coloring Book

Apple Coloring Book

Apple Coloring Book

Healthy Choices

Coloring Book 2

Apple Coloring Page



Connect The Apples

Apple Corps

Juice Moose Arcade

Apple Senses

Apple Number Dots

Apple Pie Order 



Apple Art Ideas

Apple Clip Art


Songs & Poems

Apple Poems And Songs

Apple Poems and Songs

An Apple A Day Project - Poems

Apple Songs And Poems



 Apples And Science

Apple Science Experiments

Aims Apple Lesson

Apple Exploration



Apples And Math

Apple Math

Apple Math Games

Counting Apples


Johnny Appleseed

Lesson Plan

Johnny Appleseed And Me

Johnny Appleseed Day

Johnny Appleseed Sentence Strips

Johnny Appleseed Picture

Johnny Appleseed Crossword Puzzle

Johnny Appleseed



Books & Stories

Apple Books

Apple Book List

Apple Stories

The Great Apple Slice Escape



Apple Snacks

Apples & More Recipes

Apple Recipes

Apple Crunch Toast

Apple Cobbler

Apple Walnut Cake



Washington Apple Post Cards

Good Food Climb Poster

Snack Mat

  Apple Certificates

Apple Stationery  

Apple Sign

Apple Shape Book

Apple Bag

Apple Face


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