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Welcome to our Ark!

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General Crafts

Bible Bookmarks

Books of the Bible Wreath

Dove Paper Craft

Dove Toilet Roll Paper Craft

"If I Were a Butterfly.." Craft and Song Lyrics

Jesus Helps me Stay on Track

Lamb Craft

Plants of the Bible Wreath

Shepherd TP Roll Craft

Thumbody Loves Us

New Testament Crafts

Burnt Match Cross

Camel and Wiseman Paper Craft

Cross Wreath

Easter Handprint Wreath Craft

Easter Mobile Craft

Fish Paper Craft
Shapes Practice - Triangles

Jesus is the Light of the World

Jesus Toilet Paper Roll Craft

L O V E Doorknob or Wall Hanging

Mary Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Paper Bead Cross

Rooster - Polish Wycinanki

What Would Jesus Do Activity Page

What Would Jesus Do Mobile

Old Testament Crafts

Creation Felt Board Characters

Creation Mobile

Dove Paper Craft

Dove Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Lion Crafts and Coloring

Make a Joyful Noise

Noah's Many Arks

Psalm 50:11

Rainbow Craft (with Dove)

Ruth (gathering wheat) TP Roll Craft

Veggie Tales Crafts

Bob the Tomato Craft
Instructions & Templates

Jerry Gourd Craft
Instructions & Templates

Jimmy Gourd Craft
Instructions & Templates

Larry the Cucumber Craft
Instructions & Templates

Larry Boy
Instructions & Templates

Larry Boy Printable Jigsaw Puzzle

Laura Carrot Craft
Instructions & Templates

Angel Crafts

American Angel Paper Craft

Angel Bookmarks

Angel Calendars with Inspirational Messages

Angel Messages in a Jar Craft

Coin or Pencil Holder Angel

Cone Angel

Crocheted Angel 1

Crocheted Angel 2

Fridge Magnet Angel

Handprint & Footprint Angel (with poem)

Lollipop Angel

Paper Angel (easy)

Shapes Angel

Toilet Paper Roll Angel

Vase Angel



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