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Lesson Plans & Activities

Memory Verse worksheets


Creation Memory Pegs

Adam & Eve

God Makes Adam and Eve

The Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve are Tempted

Cain and Abel

Cain & Able

Noah's Ark

Noah Builds the Ark

God Sends a Great Flood

God's Covenant

Joseph is Sold by His Brothers

Joseph Tests His Brothers

Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers

The Slavery of the Israelites

Moses is Born

The Burning Bush

The Ten Plagues

The First Passover

The Exodus

Crossing the Red Sea

The Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments Memory Pegs

The Battle of Jericho

Samson Pulls Down a Temple

Ruth Gleans in the Fields

Boaz Redeems Ruth

David and Goliath

Esther Becomes Queen

Esther Saves Her People

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Jonah and the Great Fish

Gabriel Visits Mary

The Birth of Jesus

Angels Appear to Shepherds

The Wise Men

The Boy Jesus Visits the Temple

John Baptizes Jesus

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

The House Built on the Rock

Jesus Calms a Storm

Feeding the 5,000

Jesus Walks on the Water

Jesus and the Children

Who is the Greatest?

The Parable of the Lost Sheep

The Good Shepherd


The Last Supper

Jesus is Crucified

Jesus is Risen!

The Ascension

In Christ, We Are a New Creation

The Fruit of the Spirit

The Whole Armor of God




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