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Fire Safety Theme

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Units & Activities

Fire Safety Pre-School Unit

Fire Safety

Teaching Children Fire Safety

Fun With Fire Engines



Put The Fire Out


Get Out Of The Way

Spot The Dalmatian

Sparky the Fire Dog

Campfire Games

Explore Sparky's Truck



Fire Safety Crafts

Send a Card to your local Firefighters


Coloring Pages

Fire Station Coloring Page

Smokey The Bear Colorings

Color Me Fire Pages

Firefighter Questions

Hot Things Burn

Elmo Meets a Firefighter

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Smoke Detectors Warn About Fire

Plan and Practice Fire Drills

Get Out and Stay Out!



Fire Safety Songs

Mixed Safety Songs


Fire Snacks & Recipes




The Story Of Sparky

All About Dalmatians

About Hershey The Fire Dog - A true Story!

Bear Facts - About Smokey Bear

Fire Truck Descriptions

Fire Truck Gallery

Fire Prevention Week 2001-October


Kids Sites

Fire Lessons & Rules

Smokey Mail

Buzzy's Home Fire Escape Plan

Kid's Fire Safety

Kid's Fire Safety Tips

Smokey the Bear Page! Lots of printable cards!

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